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Oh, River Heights Community Glows

September was the beginning of school, the addition of new classmates and with these few changes came changes to our classroom community. We spent a lot of time developing a great, kind and understanding classroom community (The Important Thing About Us, The Important Things About Room 129), as well as really understanding our Montrose School community.

Now, we are beginning to really look at the community (ies) we live in.

Montrose school is in the community of River Heights. It is a beautiful community. During our Autumn walks one of the things we really noticed was the beautiful trees all around us. The streets are lined with Oak trees, Elm trees, Evergreen trees and Maple trees.

Now we are reading lots of books about community and this week we have been going deeper into:

  • What makes River Heights special
  • How do we get around River Heights
  • Where are the places to have fun in River Heights
  • Who are the people who protect in River Heights
  • Where are the places that help in River Heights

We are asking you, our followers if there are any community experts who could come and speak with us about what they do in the community and how they help or serve our community, we would love to hear from you!

We look forward to learning more about our own community (ies). And of course we will continue to share our learning with you!


The students worked in small groups and each had an opportunity to add to our classroom community brainstorm session. This is an efficient way to get everyone’s ideas down on paper – so everyone’s voice is truly heard. 


Room 129 students love working together. Often when student’s hear their peers ideas it helps them to come up with connected ideas. Working together always brings out the best! 



Cheers to learning,

The tiny citizens of River Heights Community

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