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That time we met with the Mayor!

The election could get a lot tighter in the years ahead! Everyone’s favourite part was obviously sitting in the mayor’s chair!! Take a look!!






















Then it was time for Council to meet!!
Of course, everyone was really feeling their political self by this point! ORDER!!









Could she get any cuter!! She held this pose for a minute to ensure I got the perfect shot!!



















It was a whirlwind visit to Winnipeg City Hall. The Mayor was amazing! So kind, patient and engaging with all of the students.

Winnipeg’s future looks pretty bright!! ūüôā


That time we took over City Hall for an hour!







More pics of each student to come this weekend! Check back for an update!!


Oh The Human Rights Museum Glows


We went to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights by school bus (Giuseppe). We found out it took 6 years to build the museum, we thought that was so cool, because some of us are six years old! (Hudson). There are 1 354 windows on the museum (Ryland). We were put into groups and together with our group we put together a Human Rights puzzle that in the end looked like the Earth (Logan). The Rights that we focused on were;

  1. The Right to play
  2. The Right to have a name
  3. The Right to go to school
  4. The Right to have shelter
  5. The Right to have a family
  6. The Right to think for yourself
  7. The Right to travel
  8. The Right to eat
  9. The Right to drink
  10. The Right to have health care
  11. The Right to work
  12. The Right to speak for yourself/stand up for yourself

(Room 122 students)

We went inside a circular area and watched a video about all of the different types of Rights that should be available in any place in the World (Kevin and Jory).

There were certain notes that you could write on about,

  • I’m inspired by…
  • I believe…
  • I will…
  • I imagine…


There was music related to Human Rights – We loved this one so much! (Levi, Meadow, Teija).

I closed my eyes and I thought about when I grow up, and I would be singing that song. I liked dancing to the music too.  (Levi).

When I was listening to it, it made me feel more of a part of Canada. It reminded me of how nice it is to be in Canada (Hudson and Teija).

They said the building is like a mountain and the windows were like all the clouds around (Harrison).

There was huge WELCOME screen where Welcome was written in many, many, many languages. (Mrs. Thomas) I didn’t know they knew Arabic, it made me feel proud and surprised to see my language. (Mira) I saw ¬†words in my countries language (Arnav). I saw Hebrew (Jory).

Our favourite part was the Tower of Hope (Hudson). We saw the Golden Boy (Ryland). We saw the Goldeyes practicing (Luca C). I saw the church that burned down that I saw in the Winnipeg By Winnipeg book I took home (Luca M). I saw a rope from a window washer (Harrison). We saw people doing yoga (Giuseppe). The cars were tiny from up there (Kevin). I saw St.Bonifice where my mom works (Jory).

After our tour and program with our guide, we had lunch on the BIG stairs outside (Jory and Matteo). It was amazing (Anton). We ate at the Very Top of the STAIRS! (Julia)

After lunch we had an opportunity to tour around the museum on our own in groups.

Bye Bye Human Rights Museum, see you next time (Luca M)!

I would like to visit there, because I was at the dentist (Artur).

It was a wonderful experience seeing this authentic Winnipeg tourist attraction. I can’t wait to go back again and explore some more (Mrs. Thomas).

Follow us on twitter to see some more pics of when we were there (Hudson).


Written collaboratively,

All Room 122 students












A silent walk to discover Montrose School












Today we went on a silent walk to discover what is special around Montrose School.

We have been watching a lot of Tourism Winnipeg YouTube videos, we are basically experts in all YouTube videos. We use YouTube a lot to enhance our learning, make real life connections and get up to date and very current information. We love YouTube! For awhile now Room 122 students have wanted to do their very own Tourism Winnipeg video. We’ve thought about doing our video on the CHRM, The Forks, The Exchange (my idea that I had to let go of), we’ve talked about piggy backing ideas of different ones and doing one for all of Winnipeg. Then this weekend I was thinking about how to expand their ideas, how to take those ideas somewhere and do something with them. Then it just kind of came to me… what is so close to us, all of us? What place is amazing and we all go to it almost every day? What place are we so passionate about that we want everyone to know more about it? MONTROSE SCHOOL! As I started introducing the idea of taking what we know about Tourism videos and creating our own for Montrose School, the students became sooooooo excited and so passionately involved, they could barely contain themselves, they were wildly talking about all of the great reasons to visit Montrose School! And they were super duper excited about making another video.¬† Like I’ve said before, Room 122 students love that camera time!!

So today we walked around Montrose School with our eyes wide open and our ears raised. We were quiet (kind of), we were thoughtful, we imagined what people would want to know about Montrose school. We noticed things that we may not have. We shared what we noticed with each other.

We asked the question; What makes Montrose School a Tourist attraction for Winnipeg.


Tourism Winnipeg ~ A Visit To Montrose School (coming soon…)


Be A Digital Volunteer!

You may have noticed I have encouraged all of you, our loyal followers to be Digital Volunteers. Every day we need volunteers in our classroom. They contribute so much to our learning, classroom and our environment. Luckily for the students of Room 122, we have some of the BEST (and most active) volunteers! As a working mom myself, I am always looking for ways to get involved in my child’s classroom, even though I can not volunteer IN his classroom. So, I make playdoh¬† my mom makes playdoh (Thanks mom!). Room 122 now has an amazing way for parents, relatives and friends (the Mayor) to volunteer. You can all be Digital Volunteers. It’s really easy:

  1. Follow our Blog by subscribing with your e-mail (It’s on the right side of our blog). That way you receive an e-mail with our new blog post and don’t have to keep remembering to check in to see what is happening. You don’t want to miss anything!!
  2. Comment! When you read a blog post there will be an option at the end to comment. Comment away followers (and people checking in too). Room 122 students really, really, really, really love reading the comments. Especially the ones from their parents. It is the sweetest thing to see their faces light up and smile. I think it makes the school home connection so much stronger.

Thank You!


***Everyone did a video, unfortunately I couldn’t post all of them. However, there may be a bloopers video in our future! Room 122 students are funny, cute and loooooove being on camera!!***


Our Week with A Winnipeg Day writing!

IMG_3054 IMG_3042 IMG_3041 IMG_3040 IMG_3037 IMG_3034 IMG_3031 IMG_3016 IMG_3003 IMG_2996 IMG_2998 IMG_3001

A Winnipeg Day writing continues this week. We began brainstorming appropriate Winnipeg locations to visit in the morning, afternoon and evening. Students took their own experiences with Winnipeg and thought of places they love around the city and some did places they would really like to see or visit. We came up with over 60 places to visit in Winnipeg! Students worked in groups first to brainstorm all of the ideas. Then I asked them to think about their own A Winnipeg Day and come up with 4 (or more) places to visit in Winnipeg. They thought about whether they would visit these places in the morning, afternoon or evening and then took those ideas and began creating their first page of their own A Winnipeg Day.

So far, they are beyond unbelievable!

Here are some samples:

Good morning Prairie 360, you are one of the tallest buildings in Winnipeg. You are so tall I can see the whole city. I’m gonna eat pancakes and scrambled eggs. Did you know people live in apartments in Prairie 360? (Jory)


Good Morning Montrose School, I am going to play on the play structure. I am going to slide. WHeeeeeeeeeee! That was so AWESOME! Let’s go to the far park and go on the swing. That was fun, now I want to go on the BIG rock wall. Yea! I made it to the top. Now I am going to jump off. ¬†(Luca C)


Good Morning butterfly, can you tell me where the most butterflies hang out? My favourites are the black and green ones.  (Julia)


Aloha MTS Centre, could you show me where Box 35 is please so I can watch the hockey game? I wonder who will win? The Jets Win!! The Jets were versing the Manitoba Moose.  (Giuseppe)


We still plan do some editing and revising and settle into writing the rest of the pages in our books. We have BIG plans for these books! The students want to do their very own BOOK LAUNCH!! I am meeting with McNally to see if we perhaps could do a Book Launch there. Not too sure if it is possible, but it is definitely worth asking. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Also, the mayor is following us on twitter and (hello Mr. Mayor Brian Bowman) he is FOLLOWING OUR BLOG!!! The Mayor really loves Winnipeg and I know he is going to love hearing our A Winnipeg Day books when we are finished. Room 122 students for sure will invite him to our book launch and if he is around and able to fit it into his schedule, I know he will try to make it too.

We keep on writing these spring days away! The Winnipeg Spirit is pretty strong in Room 122!!



Winnipeg By Winnipegers

Today we asked the simple question, What is Winnipeg? The answers were awesome! Everything from our home, the capital city of Manitoba, buildings downtown, good schools, Jazzfest, Folklorama, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Jets – to safe, fun, cheerful, friends, four seasons, heart of Gold and so much more. We created a class bulletin board of our best answers and are going to tweet it to our Mayor!

It was done with great enthusiasm and we all agreed Winnipeg is a great place to live!



Today we also had an opportunity to work with our Reading Clinician, Monique.¬†A Winnipeg Day writing¬†is coming along nicely. She is UNREAL in the classroom setting. ¬†It is always nice to have experts teacher¬†learners¬†in the room. I am learning so much from her, as are the students. Today’s lesson was focused on editing and revising. Students focused on three elements:

  1. Proper or appropriate punctuation
  2. Spelling – circle words the group thought may be spelled incorrectly
  3. Adding “delicious” describing words


Monique and I modeled first with ours. Students then got into their groups and revised their work from last week. Then we did a class gallery walk with an expert staying at the table to read their groups learning. We welcomed students to piggy back ideas and make notice of what other groups had done or used in their writing.  Groups then came together again and were given a brief period to add to their writing. Then it was sharing time! We all came together, Monique and I read ours that we had added to and the groups were invited to come and read/share their writing with the class. Students always LOVE this part, they really do glow when sharing their work!

IMG_2885 IMG_2887 IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2895 IMG_2901 IMG_2903 IMG_2906 IMG_2908


***For the first time ever, I took some pictures and videos of the group share and I am going to show the class the videos. I think it will be so interesting for them to see what they look like while they present and I believe it will help them to grow as group presenters.***

Next steps are to think about time of day and appropriate places around Winnipeg to visit in relation to those times. I can’t wait to hear what the students will come up with!


Side Note: I hope you followers noticed my inserting of digital technology and more pictures! I’m learning more and more all the time! I’m quite impressed with myself!¬†


Oh, We Glowed at the Musical


Yesterday we performed three times with The Pinocchio Show. We were wonderful (Teija). We sang really awesome, my favourite song was Pinocchio (Anton). When we sang Pinocchio our hearts were open (Kate). At the Piazza song was so great (Julia), it was so great because of the action from the actors (Teija). The show had many funny parts. Every single boy, girl, parent and grandparent laughed so hard (Luca C). We sang our souls out (Harrison). We did very good in every song (Hudson). We all glowed at the musical (Levi). There was so many people watching, I felt kind of scared (Kevin). When I am in Grade 5/6 I am excited to be the next musical star (Jory)! I am excited to be a singer because of the musical (Luca C). I am excited to always wear different costumes (Matteo).

We can’t wait until the next musical (Harrison and Ryland)!

Hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did! (Mrs. Thomas)


Room 122 Students



A little sneak peek!




Shhhhhh! We have a secret!





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