Create, Be Curious, Learn, have Fun and GLOW

Oh, this class LOVES art!

Today we had our wonderful Art support teacher Ms. Cathy Woods in to help teach us some art techniques. We looked at our shoes (our lovely NEW shoes!).

First we did a Blind Contour sketch. This required students to look at their shoe and draw it WITHOUT looking at their paper. It was so hard! But they did it! And none  most of them did not even look like shoes! 🙂

Next students did a Look Draw. The students studied their shoe and very quietly noticed important details about their shoe. It was amazing, for about 10 minutes if you walked by Room 129 there was silence – no one was talking at all. Everyone was so focused on their own look draw.

Ms. Woods is so great at teaching these techniques and she is so responsive in the classroom to the students. It really is nice working with her and having her use her great knowledge of art to help teach these skills to all of us.

I live tweeted “The Art Lesson” ! First live tweets of the year! Sometimes I do that :).

Artists at work and at play. Have your child teach you about Blind Contour and Look Draws and practice at home as a family. First full week and we are learning so much!

Check out these awesome pics!










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