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Peace is all around us


is not a gap between times of fighting,

or a space where nothing is happening,


is something that



spreads –

and needs to be looked after.

~Peace Begins with You     By Katherine Scholes

This week we have been reading, writing and learning about Peace within us. We read the book A Poppy is to Remember by Heather Patterson and talked about the symbolism of the poppy on Remembrance Day. The students were very fascinated by the poppy and the dove as symbols of Peace and Remembrance.  We talked about remembering War times and honouring our Veterans those that have died, and those that are still alive. We talked a lot about not wanting War to happen again – wanting peace and what that looks like, feels like, smells like. We wrote about Peace, first as a class and then on our own. Here is our class poem:

Peace Within Us

Peace is love

Peace is to be loved

Peace is  calm

Peace is joyful

Peace is strong

Peace is having a fun time

Peace is having a friend

Peace is having a poppy

Peace is sharing and caring

Peace is seeing beauty

~By Room 129

Yesterday afternoon Montrose had their Remembrance Day service and the Grade 1/2 pints sang This is why we sing (the whole song is linked at the top of the blog). Below I have posted a quick video of Room 129 singing. There are no words to describe how truly beautiful it was to hear their voices singing this song. I hope you enjoy the quick glimpse and be sure to ask your child to sing it for you.





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Our Buddies!

This year we are trying something new at Montrose School. Montrose School loooooves traditions, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new! So we have a new locker system. The Grade 5/6’s are partnering with the Grade 1/2’s! Now this partnership will extend farther and deeper than just the lockers…. there will be great things happening between these students this year!

Today we decided a Get To Know You Better was in order. We got EVERYONE together (Those Grade 5/6’s sure have grown… but I did notice that I am still taller! Whew!).

Everyone partnered up with their locker partners (easy) and those that don’t have a Grade 1/2 locker partner – joined in with a group. It went so well. Those 5/6’s are really the sweetest! They really care for and enjoy the 1/2’s. I saw so many sweet smiles, gentle snuggles and happy laughs. We read together, chatted together and really became comfortable with our buddies. The Awesomeness was pretty strong!





Buddies – we love you already. Thanks for being so great!


*********SIDENOTE TO PARENTS*********

You made it! We did it! Hooray! The first week of school is done! Complete! Gosh it flew by! I have to say this class is amazing. Their parents are so encouraging and supportive already (THANK YOU!). And the vibe around Montrose school is one of excitement and engagement.




Look at those students!! That’s a lot of AWESOMENESS in a picture!! We’ll keep being AWESOME – You keep following  our blog!

~Until next week….



Thank you so much for your support. I have had nothing but positive feedback regarding this blog. 100% of the 2015-16 parents logged on to read this blog at some point and we have many other followers who have joined us on this journey. It is an awesome time to be a blogger with so many great, forward thinking followers. 🙂

The new school year will begin in a few short days. Many students (and parents) will move onto new classrooms. I wish you so much success! I hope that you will continue to stay connected and stop in to visit and see what we are up to, whether it is digitally or physically!

This coming school year I will continue to blog, continue to welcome many more  followers. I have plans for student voice to be more visible – perhaps with students each having their own blogs inside of our Oh This Classroom Glows blog. We will continue to grow, learn, discover and wonder together this year. I can’t wait to see what the year will bring as I continue to share our learning in this way as well as many others.

Thank you. Thank you for being such great followers!

Welcome 2016-2017 School Year, we have been waiting for you.


This is the month to…

go apple picking

celebrate the beginning of sweater weather

collect leaves and create art

rejoice in the crisp fall air

~Mrs. Thomas



Thank You Digital Volunteers!

We had our Montrose School Volunteer Appreciation Party this week. We appreciate ALL our Volunteers so much! Room 122 wanted to show thanks to ALL of our many digital volunteers as well!

Thank you for helping us, our volunteers,

Thank you for helping us, our volunteers,

We’re going to sing for you today,

When you’re at Montrose and you’re working hard


**I had to edit down the videos to fit. This was our dress rehearsal. Your child would LOVE to sing the WHOLE song for you!!  **


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