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Snowologists At Work

Snowologists: Noun. Someone who studies snow (and ice). Someone who knows a lot about snow. It’s like a scientist. They draw, build, research and study snow very closely. (sn-ow-ol-o-gist).

We love to get outside, especially when it is snowing “slushing” outside. It’s not rain and it’s not snow… what is it??!!

Room 129 can’t wait to get outside each and every day. They love their three recesses and are really enjoying working together on different snow projects. Last year Montrosians built a GIGANTIC snow fort, as well as many other smaller fort variations. I can tell already that this year the students will continue with these efforts and are already inspired to make huge forts.  It was amazing to see the kids work together, sorting out jobs/positions for each other and you better do your job or you’re FIRED kindly and respectively asked to go and work at another position! 🙂


So, today I went around and took some pictures of our Snowologists at work!


That’s a canon ball made out of snow! Come on! You can’t make this stuff up!! 🙂


These girls worked so hard. I kept telling them to ROLL the snowballs instead of picking them up. But they were innovative and came up with their own ways!



Keito’s first Canadian Winter! (Hi Dad!!!)



Zoe and Sari spent their time cleaning and adding to their fort. These are Snow Chairs they are resting on after working so hard! #Genius



Busy guy here! Mucking around in his own pile of snow!

20161129-202916.jpg   Brody got me with snow!


Caution : Snowologists At Work!

20161129-202958.jpg     He danced and watched his classmates having fun in the snow! Snow Much Fun!


This group worked hard. They all had “jobs” and were learning to communicate so that everyone was heard and everyone worked together.



Okay, it was a little icy! But she INSISTED on doing another shot!


We are enjoying all this snow and we hope it snows so much more!


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