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Leaf Explorations with an Autumn Stroll

Leaves rustle, crunch, twirl, scatter and dance in the wind as we go on autumn strolls. 



We went for a walk in the leaves today.




The leaves rustled and crunched as we kicked them away.



Red, orange, yellow, purple and brown. They flew into the air and then fluttered down.




We always have so much fun exploring, observing the changes and differences in our favourite trees. It’s so much fun getting outside. We will continue to explore the seasons – but Autumn, there is something that is just so beautiful about Autumn.



This week the scientists of Room 129 completed their leaf experiments. We observed many things and the descriptive language was definitely a 10/10! “Slimy, gooey, gross, soft, crunchy, brown, it changed COLOUR!!” And many other comments were heard as the scientists looked at the changes in their leaves. The time frame was 7 days to see if we could keep a leaf soft. The scientist brainstormed different ways to keep the leaf soft:



  1. Put lotion on a leaf
  2. Put Lip Stuff on a leaf
  3. Put a leaf in water
  4. Wrap a leaf in saran wrap
  5. Put a leaf outside the window (taped to the window)

The scientists hypothesized that the lotion would keep the leaf the softest. They thought the water was a good option as well.



In conclusion the scientists discovered that it was the lip stuff that kept the leaf the softest and most leaf like without getting gross, breaking or changing colour.


Next week we have plans to see how quickly we can make a soft leaf crunchy (hint: We will be using an oven and playing with the temperatures) As well, we have collected leaves to make leaf mobiles (Thanks Aude for the great idea!). And our Fall poems are coming along very well. We will share those with you soon. Keep falling  following along as we investigate, play, hypothesize and discover Fall.








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