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Oh the Strawberry Moon Glows



Last night Winnipeg experienced a Strawberry Moon. It is the sixth moon.

The Aboriginal legend goes…

In late spring a small boy whose parents had died went hunting game down by the river where the Jo-ge-oh, the Little People who care for the plants, live.

He shared what he caught with those Little People. In return they took him in a magic canoe up into the cliffs, taught him many things and gave him strawberries.

He was gone just four days, but when he returned years had passed and he was a tall man. He shared with his people what he was taught and gave them the sweetness of red strawberries. So, each year, the Senecas sing songs of praise to the Little People, thanking them again for this moon’s gift.

~Thirteen Moons on Turtles Back – Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

How appropriate that we end our year, as we began with an amazing moon.





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