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We Wonder About Canadian Bears

This January we began our inquiry into Canadian Animals. We asked questions about Canadian Animals: What makes an Animal a Canadian Animal? What are mammals? Why are there no Tigers in Canada? Are there Panda Bears in Canada? And so many other great questions. ~ One of the most exciting things about teaching grade 1/2’s is the natural curiosity they all have. They really all see themselves as scientists seeking out answers to their every day, every second questions. ~  Over the course of  this first week back at school, we began to identify characteristics that were common of Canadian Animals – we knew where they lived and we learned the different animal baby names thanks to a fantastic U of M – Women In Science Presentation. We began the process of learning how to research and find facts about animals  from different sources. Over the course of our Canadian Animal discovery we thought it would be a good idea to go deeper with our learning and really explore and inquire about one animal, together as a class. So we voted as a class to go in depth into Canadian Bears. How exciting it is to be learning, discovering, researching together about Canadian Bears. We thought of a lot of questions about Canadian Bears and then we brainstormed ways to find the answers to these questions. Room 129 zoologists are well on their way to becoming Canadian Bear experts! This week we started our Knowledge Gaining Centres where we have set out to find answers to our questions though, books, information found online, Online Videos, Poetry and Look/Draw Sketching. We also have a field trip planned to the zoo for this Monday, where we will be asking Bear experts all of our deeper questions that we haven’t been able to find the answers to.

Students are understanding how to review questions they’ve had, look at sources and begin to find the information to answer their questions. I can pretty much guarantee we will all be Canadian Bear experts by the end of our Inquiry. Then we just need to decide how we want to share everything that we have learned! hmmmmmmmm.

Today we continued our Mindfulness activities, but also incorporated our bear theme. We pretended to breath like bears that were hibernating. This means to breath slowly through our noses. 5 seconds to breath in, 5 seconds to breath out. Try it with yourself or your little cubs at home! It is a great way to relax and re-focus.

Have your been following our OhThisClassroomGlows Instagram account! I have been sharing a photo each day of our learning. It’s a pretty neat way to stay involved with what your child is doing at school. Let me know if you need some help getting set up. It’s a pretty fun way to stay connected with what is happening.I always appreciate comments and feedback too! 🙂

I’m still blogging…and I have a guest blogger working on a blog too! So lots continues to happen if Room 129! Thanks for following along!



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