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SNOW Wonder

on November 25, 2016


Students were up at the window, amazed at the beautiful snow. It proved quite inspiring to our writing. We are working on some pretty interesting books and poems. Using these first few snow falls as inspiration!

Cheers to Snow!!

3 Responses to “SNOW Wonder”

  1. Zoe's Family says:

    cheers to snow!
    Snow forts, building snowmen, tobogganing, ice skating and of course getting hot chocolate to warm ourselves up are some of our favourite things to do in winter!

  2. Kristin Dulay - Quintin's Mom says:

    Those big fluffy snowflakes were beautiful today. I couldn’t help but stare out the window today as they softly fell to the ground. Just beautiful! Definitely puts you in the holiday mood!

  3. Julia's Mom says:

    What a great picture. Look at those big snowflakes! Hopefully we get some more snow for those amazing Writers in your classroom!

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