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on November 25, 2016

We are beginning our Inquiry into Canada. I am asking that students bring in a picture (or a few ) of a place that they have visited in Canada. We will be grouping the pictures into provinces and territories and then seeing where the learning takes us with the students leading the way. It will be very exciting to travel Canada in the coziness of our Room 129 classroom! If you have a contact that would be interested in skyiping with us, we would love to meet different people from different provinces.

O Canada! We are so inspired by our Country!


2 Responses to “O CANADA”

  1. Amber Fernie says:

    What a fantastic idea in connecting with family across Canada 🇨🇦! Julia’s Aunt and Uncle in Ottawa would love to Skype with the class! I’ll email you the details, Mrs. Thomas!

  2. Finnley's Family says:

    We are so interested in your exploration of Canada! Finnley has Family in Kitchener-Waterloo Ont and Port Coquitlam BC. We will be in touch about contacts. Room 129 Canada is such an Amazing place. We are excited to hear what you find out about This Great country.

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