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Snowologists At Work

Snowologists: Noun. Someone who studies snow (and ice). Someone who knows a lot about snow. It’s like a scientist. They draw, build, research and study snow very closely. (sn-ow-ol-o-gist).

We love to get outside, especially when it is snowing “slushing” outside. It’s not rain and it’s not snow… what is it??!!

Room 129 can’t wait to get outside each and every day. They love their three recesses and are really enjoying working together on different snow projects. Last year Montrosians built a GIGANTIC snow fort, as well as many other smaller fort variations. I can tell already that this year the students will continue with these efforts and are already inspired to make huge forts.  It was amazing to see the kids work together, sorting out jobs/positions for each other and you better do your job or you’re FIRED kindly and respectively asked to go and work at another position! 🙂


So, today I went around and took some pictures of our Snowologists at work!


That’s a canon ball made out of snow! Come on! You can’t make this stuff up!! 🙂


These girls worked so hard. I kept telling them to ROLL the snowballs instead of picking them up. But they were innovative and came up with their own ways!



Keito’s first Canadian Winter! (Hi Dad!!!)



Zoe and Sari spent their time cleaning and adding to their fort. These are Snow Chairs they are resting on after working so hard! #Genius



Busy guy here! Mucking around in his own pile of snow!

20161129-202916.jpg   Brody got me with snow!


Caution : Snowologists At Work!

20161129-202958.jpg     He danced and watched his classmates having fun in the snow! Snow Much Fun!


This group worked hard. They all had “jobs” and were learning to communicate so that everyone was heard and everyone worked together.



Okay, it was a little icy! But she INSISTED on doing another shot!


We are enjoying all this snow and we hope it snows so much more!



We are beginning our Inquiry into Canada. I am asking that students bring in a picture (or a few ) of a place that they have visited in Canada. We will be grouping the pictures into provinces and territories and then seeing where the learning takes us with the students leading the way. It will be very exciting to travel Canada in the coziness of our Room 129 classroom! If you have a contact that would be interested in skyiping with us, we would love to meet different people from different provinces.

O Canada! We are so inspired by our Country!



SNOW Wonder


Students were up at the window, amazed at the beautiful snow. It proved quite inspiring to our writing. We are working on some pretty interesting books and poems. Using these first few snow falls as inspiration!

Cheers to Snow!!


Room 129 does the Lego Challenge

Late last week the students participated in a LEGO challenge. Each table was given “a bunch” of different LEGO blocks and given challenge sheets to complete. On the LEGO challenge cards were engineering design challenges that the students were to build solutions to using LEGO bricks.

Some of the challenges included:

Name Challenge – students were challenged to engineer themselves a name tag using LEGO Bricks.




Bridge Challenge –  A LEGO person who lives in Canada wants to visit his LEGO friend in England. To get across the ocean that separates Canada and England, the LEGO person can only drive. Engineers were challenged to build a bridge that was strong and sturdy so no LEGO people fall into the ocean.



Make something Symmetrical  – Engineers were challenged to build a structure that was symmetrical.




Make a LEGO boat and see if it will float – Engineers were challenged to build a boat made of LEGO and test it to see if it floats.



The students loved these challenges and we will continue to do more. These challenges promote communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills.





These challenges can also easily be done at home! So challenge the engineers in your life to an afternoon LEGO challenges!



Peace is all around us


is not a gap between times of fighting,

or a space where nothing is happening,


is something that



spreads –

and needs to be looked after.

~Peace Begins with You     By Katherine Scholes

This week we have been reading, writing and learning about Peace within us. We read the book A Poppy is to Remember by Heather Patterson and talked about the symbolism of the poppy on Remembrance Day. The students were very fascinated by the poppy and the dove as symbols of Peace and Remembrance.  We talked about remembering War times and honouring our Veterans those that have died, and those that are still alive. We talked a lot about not wanting War to happen again – wanting peace and what that looks like, feels like, smells like. We wrote about Peace, first as a class and then on our own. Here is our class poem:

Peace Within Us

Peace is love

Peace is to be loved

Peace is  calm

Peace is joyful

Peace is strong

Peace is having a fun time

Peace is having a friend

Peace is having a poppy

Peace is sharing and caring

Peace is seeing beauty

~By Room 129

Yesterday afternoon Montrose had their Remembrance Day service and the Grade 1/2 pints sang This is why we sing (the whole song is linked at the top of the blog). Below I have posted a quick video of Room 129 singing. There are no words to describe how truly beautiful it was to hear their voices singing this song. I hope you enjoy the quick glimpse and be sure to ask your child to sing it for you.





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Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having Fun in Room 129!

October, October, where did you go?


It was a busy month – and I was lagging in the blogging department. Sorry about that. A quick catch up is needed for all of us!

We finished out Leaf and Autumn Inquiry. Students worked through the scientific method and discovered many interesting facts about leaves. We experimented with leaves in many different ways and even made some beautiful leaf mobiles for your homes (Shout out to Aude for the awesome idea!!).  As well, we took weekly walks around our community looking at all the leaves around us and on the trees. Riverheights is a great place to be in the Fall time!  It was interesting that the students were most fond of this little Maple Tree that has been obviously recently planted on Elm street – right beside the fence by Montrose Playground. They loved looking at the leaves and because the tree was “just planted”, it was easy to investigate the leaves, stems on the trees and branches. The students all took turns smelling the leaves each time we passed and it was amazing to see all of the different colours a Maple Leaf can turn. They also keep their shape so nicely, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these little leaf lovers grow up and plant Maple Trees all in their yards!

Our Favourite Maple Tree!


20161109-204424.jpg So many interesting leaves were brought in daily. This one had frost on it!



Hope you have found a neat spot for your Fall Mobiles. They turned out so well!




October gave us our Annual Montrose fundraiser. This year the theme was a Triath-A-Thon. We danced, did yoga and math back in the classroom. I am so proud of the efforts the students and parents in Room 129 made. Together we raised so much money for our great school. Our class came in SECOND PLACE for the we money raised . . .  in the whole school! We won a Fruit and Veggie PARTY and an Extra Recess! I think we will wait to use them on a sunny day in January!

20161109-204630.jpg We Got some Mooooooooooooves though, right??!!



We continued to go for lots of walks in October! We did community walks, we did listening walks and my favourite let’s slow down and take pictures walks; Each group of three was given 1 camera and they each had to take three pictures each (no more, no less). It was amazing how with a bit of thoughtfulness put into their photography, the things the students noticed around the community to take pictures of. We will definitely do this lots more!  Students shared their pictures with their peers and it was so neat to hear “I noticed this cool bird feeder in the trees above the far park”, “I took a picture of a branch shaped like a diamond”, “I saw the most beautiful leaf on the ground, look at my picture!”.


Listen, Listen, What do you hear?

20161109-204739.jpg Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!







The Authors in Room 129 continue to write in copious amounts! We celebrated #NationalAuthorsDay, but really, EVERYDAY is National Authors Day in Room 129. The students write and share, write and share, write and share. They continue to get inspired by published books and books written by the writers in Room 129. Lately they have been really noticing the details of books; the publishing company, contents page, page numbers, all the details! I think over the winter we will start our own Publishing company and have a publishing station where students can choose books they want to publish and then shelve them on a special book shelf for their peers to read during Drop Everything And Read Time (Independent Reading Time). I think my little Authors would really enjoy this process!





We did HALLOWEEN (On a Monday! Why? Why? Why?)

We had our Annual Halloween Math and Carving Morning. Thank you to all the parents who took time and joined us. We love having parents come in to help! You are welcome ANY time!!

We weighed pumpkins, measured the circumference of the pumpkins, did estimation with size and how many pumpkin seeds, we grouped and tallied the seeds, predicted and checked if pumpkins can float, chose how to carve the pumpkin as a team and drew names for who got to take the pumpkin home at the end of the day!





The afternoon brought Fun Costumes! Great food! SPOOKY, SPOOKY Gym time, Computer Games and a little dancing!




And now November is here! Isn’t it lovely! I can’t remember a November so warm and beautiful. We are enjoying all the moments and continue to get outside as we are fully into our Community Inquiry.




We interrupt our regular blogging schedule….

Hi followers,

We have been very busy in Room 129! We did Halloween! We had a fantastic Field Trip! We had our fundraising wind – up assembly!

We have lots to BLOG about. Unfortunately this blogger (Me) is busy writing report cards! So check your inboxes next week. There is sure to be a few good blogs posted!

If you are not following our blog (why not!), please take some time to put your e-mail address into the small box at the top of our blog. Followers have our blog posts delivered directly to their e-mail inbox so you don`t have to keep checking in to see what we have been up to. It allows you to see right away what is happening. One of the main reasons I love blogging is so that you will have talking points with your child at dinner or before bed. You can see what they are doing during the day – and then continue the discussion and learning at home. It`s a win, win actually!


So check your e-mail inbox next week! Expect some good blog posts. But for right now this blogger has to get back to writing report cards!


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Celebrating National Author’s Day

From the Author’s in Room 129!!



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