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Book Update

Happy Summer readers! We are just a little over one month into summer and I have to say, I LOVE SUMMER SO MUCH!! While it has been busy with lots of weekend lake visits, lots of family time and just relaxing and putting our feet up (or in sand) time; I have been thinking A LOT about our A Winnipeg Day book. I have spoken to quite a few people about it. McNally is a great resource but I am not sure if it is our best option right now for this type of book. Just when I was starting to feel a little discouraged, I was talking to a friend who knows a Graphic Designer and she suggested that might be the best option for this particular book. I have sent the Graphic Designer an e-mail, but it’s summer, so not too sure what response time may be. . . we’ll see. In the meantime, I am open to suggestions. If anyone has leads on another Graphic Designer they know well or another route we could explore please comment below!

Happy August!


dine alfresco

museum hop on a hot day

cozy up to a late night

play at the beach all day

lose your to-do list




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